Women Jeans

Are there still women who don’t know what they want?

If so, this will change at the latest with the new JOKER Women collections.

In 11 strong women’s jeans all those women who like to wear the (jeans) pants in every situation can be recognized. Best of all those who cut a perfect figure. So women look every situation in the eye and know all eyes are on themselves.

But now the agony of choice follows – Better a fashionable bell-bottoms like the Ashley, or the Angelina, a Perfect Fit Jeans with golden yellow seams, whereby – a boyfriend jeans like
the Calista wouldn’t be bad either, but better Amely in white, if same, if already white, then rather a Dolores or Evita? Phew, that’s a difficult decision! Maybe better something short like the cycling jeans Maja, but then there would be a bootcut like Kelly or Lola, Kim and Kate…well, women don’t always have it easy.