Jeans – made in Germany

The word jeans is said to have originated from the Italian port city of Genoa. Italian sailors from Genoa who wore simple cut work trousers made of cotton and twill were called Genoese.
In American slang, the word Genoese was then quickly replaced by:


Although jeans were first patented in the USA in 1873, “good old Germany” had made a significant contribution to this, as the inventor of jeans was Loeb Strauss, who came from Buttenheim/Franconia.
Loeb Strauss, who later called himself Levi, produced the first jeans made from brown tent tarpaulins, which he made for gold diggers.

The fabric from which the jeans are sewn today is denim.
Loeb Strauss remembered during his travels in the USA that he had seen a fabric dyed blue with indigo that was particularly durable and came from Nîmes. This fabric was called Serge. Here, too, the American slang from Serge de Nîmes: Denim

The denim jeans (Levi’s®) was thus born

A Joker Jeans is also made in the classic sense of the word from denim with five pockets, rivets (rivets), usually in double saddle stitched, with 6 belt loops and a zipper.

JOKER, a family business from Bönnigheim/Württemberg was founded in 1975 and turned denim jeans into Joker Jeans.

Many improvements of the jeans are based on the ideas of the today still managing owner Jürgen Bernlöhr.
In contrast to most other jeans, Joker Jeans are not bleached with toxic chlorine, but – for the sake of the environment and yourself – with natural dextrose (glucose).

Quality – made in Germany – for Women and Men